Our Time Spent with Gunther

It was only three short months ago, the excitement of purchasing a hamster had begun. I can remember we couldn’t decide whether we wanted a lizard, bunny, fish. We had no idea, but then we decided to choose a hamster based on the fact it would be the lowest cost for us. Choosing a hamster may have been the best choice the three of us have ever made together, because our time with Gunther had officially began.

In our first week we started Getting to Know our Little Guy!  We began learning anything and everything we would possibly need to know when purchasing and raising our little fur baby. We became determined to be the best parents possible. We researched tons of different hamsters before picking the winner, a Syrian Hamster. Once we had choses a breed we began learning their behaviors, what the needed in regards to shelter and food, and all the scary things to “watch out for”.

In week two we set out to find our little guy. We had done all the research possible and felt we were ready to adopt our first ever animal together. We hardly slept the night before knowing He’s Coming Home Tomorrow! Once we woke up we had set out to purchase our Hamster and all of our necessities for approximately $135 from Petsmart. Taylor and I fell in love with our little hamster the second we laid eyes on him.

It took us a while to pick a name in the third week but… His name is Gunther. We left the naming up to Tanner because that is sort of his thing. He can look at something and instantly know it’s perfect name. There was a lot of  firsts for Gunther this week, he did a lot of exploring, had a nice warm bath, and even got a little extra exploring in outside of his cage and ball because we may have lost him on day 2, but he was shortly found curled up in a corner on the floor. I don’t think we’ve ever been so terrified to know that within the first 48 hours we had already failed as parents.

Just Another day in the life of Gunther. Week four was a lot more tame for Gunther, things started to settle down and not as many people wanted a turn holding him and he had no unwanted adventures like the week prior. We also discovered Gunther’s love for grapes this week. He just can’t seem to get enough of them.

GUNTHER on strike! Week five was pretty average for Gunther. As Tanner says he just eats, sleeps, poops and repeats. The only minor problem was he decided to go on a hunger strike. He decided he no longer liked the food he had and wanted to try something new. So we purchased him some new food, some with a few extra seeds. Once we did that we had Gunther completely restored to his usual routine.

Remember when I said in week two that Taylor and I fell in love with Gunther the second we laid eyes on him? Well, I think this week, week six Tanner started to fall for Gunther to. The New and improved Gunther. Tanner and Gunther really bonded during week five when Gunther started to have eyes for Eve, Michael’s hamster. Tanner decided he better help a fellow bro out by cleaning Gunther up and whipping him into shape.

We were right, the Blooming Bromance begins between Gunther and Tanner. It only took seven weeks but they have finally warmed up to one another! Whenever Gunther sees Tanner now he perks his ears up and just can’t wait for tanner to pull him out and play with him. Tanner ended up being away for a few days and continually told Taylor just how much he missed his little guy, Gunther.

Gunther Survives Another Week! Week eight to be exact. Nothing out of the sorts with Gunther this week. He is still hoarding his food but has decided he doesn’t like the pellets on the seeds, so he’s put on a few extra pounds. We also discovered this week that Gunther can fit quite a substantial amount of food in his little cheeks.

Taylor and I were a little worried going into week nine as we would both be away and Tanner would be left to parent Gunther all by himself. It turns out they had a very relaxing week together! Picture this Gunther: A day at the spa. During their day at the spa Tanner decided that we really need to crack down on Gunther’s workout plans, or that he needs to stop feeding him so many snacks. Either or something has to be done!

As Tanner would say Just an Average Week ten in hamster world as all Gunther did was ate, slept, got cuddled and pooped, a lot I may add. Gunther has gotten quite comfortable in the science lab and has decided he likes to run really fast back and forth on the tables. He has also nailed running around the science room now, there is hardly ever any crashes.
During week eleven we are having a very hard time looking at Gunther without saying “Damn Gunther” what the heck is going on with your hair? He has had outrageously fluffy hair for the past couple of days, he is literally a fur ball. Just when we thought Gunther was at max comfortability last week, we were wrong. He’s completely upped his game this week by now not only running along the science room tables but now jumping off of them on to one of our laps. 

Over these past 12 weeks the three of us have grown a true love for our little guy. Gunther has made us laugh and smile as well as give us a bit of heart failure.  Having Gunther has gave us many new memories and adventures. He will make our last semester here at Milestone unforgettable. Gunther also taught us what it takes to be a parent even though that won’t be happening till were 37. At the start of this project the three of us said that this would just be another project and it would just be another hamster. But after everything we’ve been through with him, I can honestly say that we have all fallen for Gunther and he is not just another hamster.



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